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I met Linda Ward Selbie in 1980 when I began to frequent her gallery, The Magic Image, in Pickering, Ontario. She is a talented artist in her own right, however, I didn't look at her work seriously until her show, Circus Fortuna, in 1989. At the time, I noted a strong classical composition and design sense, and I offered her exhibition space at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Organized by our staff member Linda Jansma, Circus Vesta, received much acclaim in our 1992 exhibition year.

Throughout the years that I have been a curator, I have often thought of Ward Selbie. When I received an invitation to write the essay for her show Legna: the Goddess at the Crossroads, organized by David Taylor at the Gallery Lambton in Sarnia in 1995, I reacted with delight. I had known she would be an important artist. The Robert McLauglin Gallery has acquired over time a group of seventeen works covering a ten year period of the artist’s development.

This exhibition introduces work which Ward Selbie had done in the past two years in the Sicilian islands. The works are saturated with images of the past and present -- thousands of years of history colliding -- yet still harmonizing as shown through the sensitive gaze of Ward Selbie.

In her essay, Kate Regan discusses the isolation of Sicily and how it has affected both its past and its people. Her descriptions of the works, as well as the artist, reveal her sensitivity to both.

Joan Murrary    Director,  the Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Artist Statement
Sicily is truly one of the most beautiful yet ignored places on earth. Ancient temple ruins surrounded by orange, fig, and olive groves stand as witness to the past. The constructions of humanity dot the landscape which blends volcanic rock and vegetation into a panorama of natural abstraction. The residents of this arid, windswept land live with the constant threat of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The images in this exhibition offer personal impressions of a place existing in a modern world isolated between Europe and Africa.

I am grateful to Joan Murray for the opportunity to present this work at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

I offer my heartfelt thanks to Barbara Taverner of The Document Company, Xerox. Barbara’s commitment and assistance brought this project to reality. Thanks also to everyone at Management Graphics who helped produce the prints.

Most espesicially I want to thank my husband Andrew Selbie for always believing in me.

Linda Ward Selbie

Reflections on Isola -  by Kate Regan  

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